For Parents

We provide legal advice and representation in all areas affecting the relationship between parents, students and the school.

  • Special needs students
  • Bullying issues
  • Students undergoing disciplinary procedures, hearings and appeals, including:
    • suspension
    • expulsion
    • alternative school placement (DAEP)
    • truancy
    • juvenile justice issues
  • Students whose constitutional rights may have been violated

    • Grievance hearings and appeals

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For Students

Students may have a variety of issues and concerns with their private schools, colleges, universities, proprietary schools, or trade schools. After they have tried meeting and discussing their matters with the appropriate administrators, they or their parents may find the use of an attorney to be appropriate and helpful.

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For Educators

Teachers, faculty, and administrators may have issues surrounding their employment. Having represented educators for many years, Mr. Henslee understands the complexity and sensitivity with which these matters must be handled.

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