Educator Employment

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  • Hiring, Firing and Non-Renewal of Contracts

EEOC and Texas Workforce Commission Complaints

OCR Complaints

Employee Grievances and Disciplinary Matters

Constitutional and Legal Protections

  • Accusations of misconduct
  • Sexual Harassment and Molestation
  • Investigations
  • Freedom of Speech, Press and Assembly
  • Due Process Violations
  • Grievances, Hearings, Litigation and Appeals
  • Retaliation for filing Worker's Compensation
  • Discrimination

Texas State Board for Educator Certification Matters (SBEC)

  • Defense of charges
  • Representation during suspensions and investigations
  • Appeals to state and federal courts

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Educators Legal Services Program

Since many individuals cannot afford the same fees for legal representation as institutional clients, we've developed the Parents, Students and Educators Legal Services Program to make legal counsel more accessible. Our intake templates help you gather and organize the information and documentation necessary for efficient legal review and analysis. For more information about our Parents, Students and Educators Legal Services Program including how it works, contact my office at 512-320-9177 or