Every child deserves a quality education.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Special Needs

  • Free, appropriate public education (FAPE)

  • Referral and Child Find

  • Assessment and Testing

  • Individualized Educational Plans (IEP)

  • ARD and IEP Team meetings

  • Public Placement and Private Placement

  • Discipline of SPED students

  • Due Process Hearings and Mediation

  • Appeals to State and Federal Courts

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Student Discipline and Constitutional Protections

  • Suspension and Expulsion from school

  • Bullying Issues

  • Assignment to in school suspension (ISS)

  • Assignment to off-campus suspension facility (DAEP)

  • Assignment to Juvenile Justice Alternative Programs (JJAEP)

  • Appeals of Disciplinary Findings

  • Grievances, Hearing Officers and Board Hearings

  • Appeals to State and Federal Courts

  • Clearing Student's Records

  • Grade Advancement and Test Scores

  • Standardized Test concerns

  • Discrimination, Free Speech, Search and Seizure, Due Process, Equal Protection Issues